Boys crushing on boys

Isn’t this the point of life, boys crushing on boys? For my purposes, yes. Here’s my final round of quotes before the review of That Feeling When by S.M. James. Basically, here’s some sweetness where the main characters are into each other. First is a quote from Landon, then Archie.

P.S. note the, uh, little clapper thingy that’s used when filming movies. Okay, just looked it up, it’s called a clapperboard, so I wasn’t too far off. It’s used in the book as a graphic for the chapter numbers and POV, which is a cute extra touch.

The King

Here’s some fun quotes from a LGBTQ+ YA novel. These examples from That Feeling When by S.M. James show that Archie is the king of cool exits. These are from the first meetings, or rather the ends of the first run-ins between the main characters, Archie and Landon.