Christmas boyfriends

A short scene from One Merry Christmas because using words I already wrote is easier than thinking up new ones. Happy holidays!

Spots of color from the Christmas tree lights danced across Luke’s face when I looked at him. Blankets were piled on excessively. It was almost hot, but no one complained, not even me. A Christmas miracle.

He looked relaxed, sunk into the couch, cheeks a bit flushed, looking warm and happy. Same. The tree lights would twinkle and change colors and I’d think, wow, he looks good in blue light, wow, he looks good in pink light, wow, he looks good in green light, the soft hues changing too much for me to keep up and just going with, wow, he looks good.

Totally what whoever meant when they said, ‘Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.’




Spooky, scary.

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday because my birthday is in October, and I like candy. Nightmare Before Christmas is a great movie. My dog went trick or treating last night and had no idea what was going on.

These are my random Halloween thoughts.

My youngest nephew went as a character from Five Nights at Fredys and my older nephew was the grim reaper. Pretty easy costume, long black robe and scythe thingy and mask. Whoever made his costume really went the extra mile though. He had these little cufflinks and the cufflinks were tiny skull buttons.

Tiny skulls!

I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Actually, what I told him was that was really cute. I’m sure that’s exactly what he wanted when he chose the costume, to be cute. Still, tiny skulls. Adorable!

Pah rum pum pum pum!

My feelings on Christmas music? Wait until after Thanksgiving to play it. Now that we’re officially into the Christmas season, I’m pretty ambivalent about it. I heard You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch on the radio the other day and with the kind of vitriol the singer spouted, it’s no wonder the Grinch wasn’t very fond of people. I’d want to steal presents from townspeople too if they called me a nasty wasty skunk with the soul of a dump heap.

There are a few songs I can tolerate like Feliz Navidad and Rudolph, and even one or two I like. Here a few of my favorites:

Of course the problem with Christmas songs is that everyone has their own version of the popular ones. The Bing Crosby version is probably most well-known, but I’m not too fond of it even though I love the song.

This one is good no matter who sings it because of the ‘pa rum pum pum pum’ part.


My absolute favorite.