A short story about a hot boy.

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I really wish there were more to this story, but basically Penn Badgley posted a picture of himself on the internet, then Rainn Wilson, Dwight from The Office, thought he was hot, and my Google newsfeed thought I needed to know about it.


Dwight from The Office is right. Penn Badgley is gorgeous.

Well, I guess my newsfeed wasn’t totally wrong. I am interested in guys hitting on each other. How did they figure that out, though?

One day I will finally watch You. It’s supposed to creepy, but it can’t be worse than Gossip Girl. I don’t think that was a great joke, but I’m still really proud of myself for it anyway.


We’re Crushing on Matt Lanter! — Gay Pop Buzz

Until I saw this article, I didn’t know this actor’s name. I knew him as ‘that hot guy from 90210’, otherwise known as the ‘only reason I had a brief interest in 90120’. I was happy to see him on Timeless because he’s pretty and that’s a show I was actually interested in. I saw most of the first season and can’t say I absolutely love it or got addicted, but it’s a cute show and I’m happy it got a second season. It’s fun, full of all the weirdness you’d expect from a time travel show and has a pretty diverse cast.


Hi Matt – Woof! Are you a fan of blond haired, blue eyed guys? How about men who channel a manly vibe? Does it help if the guy is a celeb? If the answer is […] The post We’re Crushing on Matt Lanter! appeared first on Gay Pop Buzz.

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