Why Hella Gay YA? Mostly because it rhymes. It’s also accurate. I try to focus on YA books with gay characters or gay romance. Here you’ll find book news, story excerpts, reviews, recommendation lists, and probably many other things too. Staying on topic has never been my strong suit.

About the Author
F.N. Manning runs this blog. Head in the clouds from an early age, I daydreamed during class instead of paying attention to where Denmark was or what who did in 1764. Then I would scribble ideas into the margins of a notebook until the story I wanted to tell became more important than the notes and took over. When looking back on those early works and getting past the terrible handwriting and doodles, it’s very clear my creative side knew I was bisexual long before I finally realized.

My interests include dessert, binge-watching anything with 20 seasons, and finally learning Spanish one day. Also, this girl. Her name is Luci, but she also goes by Lu, Wu, Pup, and Monster.