Life is unfair.

Zach and Joey play baseball together, and they are good friends even though they are very different. Joey is a dumb jock , and Zach is his opposite in mind, body, and spirit. Here is Zach describing Joey and his physical appearance. This is a tiny thing that was cut from Falling in Love and Other Bad Ideas because the scene did not need Zach complaining about another guy’s eyebrows, but I was very sad to cut it all the same.



Everything about Joey Wilson loomed large. He demanded attention, if only out of self-preservation as he barreled through life the way he barreled through this hallway, fast, obnoxious, and uncomprehending of anything not directly in front of him. Others had to accommodate him instead of the reverse, which I would appreciate if he did it on purpose.

Altogether, the bulky, plain guy presented an unappealing visual image. Which made it all the more infuriating he was blessed with insanely impeccable eyebrows. Granted they were meaty and wide like the rest of him, but the dark brown hair was never scraggly, no stray strand ever trying to escape from the even lines. Not the kind of guy who would wax, pluck, or tweeze, so how did his eyebrows always stay perfectly in their lane? A gift he wasn’t even capable of appreciating!

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