What the internet needs: Uninformed Star Wars Opinions

Watching The Rise of Skywalker was torture.

Not because the movie was terrible, but I hadn’t seen the second Star War in this trio, so I had no idea what was happening for the first half of the movie. There were people I recognized along with my favorite squeaky robots and hairy alien monsters, but everything they were doing confused the hell out of me.

I mean, maybe skipping a movie wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it was for me. I hate not watching things in order. Do you know the reason books, movies, and TV shows have an order? So you follow that order! To not do so is anarchy.

In a galaxy far away…

When I saw the movie, it was before Christmas. I started typing this post in a timely manner… until I forgot about it, of course. I’m now aware that even if I had watched the movies in the correct order, I might not have liked RoS. Because no one liked it? Which is kinda a bummer because Poe, Finn, and Rey are great.

Anyway, I wanted to share this video of celebrities touching wild animals.

Movies and children don’t mix

I went to the movie with my nephews, who I adore, and who are worth not abiding by chronological order for. Of course this led to the other problem. In addition to not knowing what happened in the previous movie, I also missed a good chunk of the movie I was currently watching.

We got snacks for the show, again because I love my nephews and they are worth braving concession stand prices, even though I scream internally every time, but they still have to get up approximately 76 times during the movie. And then I have to go with them, and for some reason the movie theater thought it was a good idea to only have an exit on one side?

So of course, we were on the opposite side of the exit and we had to be jerks and cross the entire theater 76 times. But you will be happy to know that this is the best Star War ever. Well, according to my youngest nephew. It’s the best one he’s seen. He’s seen two.


Personally, I’m grateful to the whole franchise for allowing Hispanics into space. Don’t ask me why we weren’t allowed before because I have no idea.

Because I’m that person, who can’t just watch a movie and enjoy it, it was interesting to see how far we’ve come since the first franchise. The three leads were two non-white guys and a lady who was much less of a sex symbol this time around.

And it was, uh. Let’s also say interesting, okay. It was interesting to see how far we still have to go. As in, I did catch the background kiss between two minor women characters without knowing about it beforehand. I’m gay and that person, of course I’m going to catch it. But I was also aware Poe and Finn were a popular pairing and obviously making them officially A Thing would have been a million times better.



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