Like You A Latte

Ewriter8_ebooklualDo you listen to your head or your heart?

Spencer Sharp goes with his head. He believes in order, that there’s a place for everything and everything goes in its place. He just doesn’t know where to put Owen Moore. The free spirited boy is nothing like him, but Spencer can’t help but be attracted to him anyway. This school year has been difficult; maybe Owen is the breath of fresh air he needs.

As the year progresses and they get to know each other, Spencer’s feelings for the easy-going boy become anything but easy.  And when things get complicated, Spencer wonders if it’s better to be safe than sorry. Can Spencer stop thinking with his head and follow his heart for once?

Like You A Latte is a young adult romance for those who enjoy LGBT+ books. This is a sweet standalone story that features two boys getting to know each other, opposites attracting, a coffee shop, and humor.

This is my new book that’s available now!

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