Pool Boy – Summer Love Affair

mergedpoolboy2.jpegColin Goodwin objects to the notion that he is Cinderella on general principal since he’s a guy. But aside from the different gender, maybe it makes sense. Wyatt Monroe is certainly Prince Charming. That’s what Colin thinks when his boyfriend whisks him away for a romantic vacation.

The normally hard-working teen thinks it’s finally time to have some fun. Except for one problem. His boyfriend isn’t around very much…

But someone else is.

Colin doesn’t want to complain. The glamorous vacation home has everything: a fully stocked kitchen, a lovely garden, and an impressive swimming pool. And where there’s a pool, there’s a pool boy.

Instead of Prince Charming, what if Colin belongs with the stable boy instead? Or in this case, the pool boy. Can the sensible, careful teen take a chance and follow his heart even if it leads him into another man’s arms?

Colin’s coming of age story includes flirting, friendship, romance, and humor. This gay young adult story is about 45,000 words.

The book is available for purchase and on Kindle Unlimited here.

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