Max and Cal


Max and Cal  from What Love Means are opposites who parted on bad terms. When they meet again, things aren’t easy between them. They’re torn between despising each other and wanting to jump on each other. They have a constant push and pull because they’re both trying to fight an attraction. That’s always a fun dynamic to write and read.

Here’s a snippet from the book:

“Couldn’t we just try to get along?” he asked. “No insults, no pushing buttons, no… flirting.”

Flirting was the whole point of tonight! I pushed down a crabby retort about him being a wet blanket. “That doesn’t sound like much fun,” I offered lightly.

The milkshake I ordered came with one straw and I pushed it closer to myself on the table while sipping from it. I sucked on the straw as lewdly as possible, making exaggerated hums of appreciation before removing my lips with an audible pop.

His eyes widened, but he didn’t comment on it. “I didn’t peg you for a strawberry milkshake kinda guy.”

I’m a big fan of fruit? No, too corny. I shrugged. Who didn’t like strawberry? “Anyone who says strawberry isn’t the best milkshake flavor is wrong or lying,” I responded neutrally but ran my hand up and down the long glass, fingers skating over the cool surface.

Cal looked away for a second, letting out a frustrated huff. I grinned but was surprised when he met my eyes a second later. “You know, two could play at this game.”




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