Daily Prompt: Elaborate

I’m trying something a little different today. I found the prompt word in one of my works, so I’m posting an excerpt from where it appears. This is from my book What Love Means.

Cal pulled me in for a kiss. When we pulled away, he spoke. “I got you something.” hand-1549399_960_720

The asshole never knew when to quit. Was that why he didn’t take me anywhere nice? He got me some stupid trinket that was worth a small fortune instead?

“I don’t want or need presents,” I started arguing.

“Just let me—”

How could someone so smart be so dumb? “Cal, you know I don’t like—” You throwing your weight and money all over the place. I didn’t say that as he held his hands up insistently.

“I didn’t get you anything elaborate.” He shrugged. “It’s more, I don’t know, a gesture.”

What was Cal’s idea of ‘not elaborate?’ “Is it a pony? I won’t be mad if it’s a pony since April wants one.”

via Daily Prompt: Elaborate

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